General Remarks
on the Migration of Large Application Systems


What are we talking about when relating to Migration Projects ?

Take as an example the commercial applications of a company dedicated to distribute books and entertainment goods via a member-oriented organisation.

The company is faced with the task to shut down its large IBM VSE computing center for reasons which are outside its decision frames and to migrate all data and applications to another data processing environment with a definite deadline.

A global survey of the objects to be transformed, exported, restructured, recalculated and reimported shows that

  • some 250 database table are to remapped from DL/I to DB/2
  • some 300 online applications for 100 concurrent users
  • some 1.500 batch programs
  • with an estimated volume of some 1.7 million lines of source code (COBOL)
  • a system change from IBM VSE to a Microfocus NT Server Environment

have to be evaluated, modified, whatever ... have to be transported to a new environment.

Estimating the needed amount of manpower to perform this task "manually" is utterly without meaning - the tasks will never be finished as the company will be dead long before.
The crucial question how to maintain Data Integrity and Consistency while migrating

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What alternatives are there ?

We offer you a comprehensive set of tools which will help you to perform such herculean tasks with full control over the project and its cost while meeting a realistic deadline -


Other available Products of the EURO*Transformer Tool-sets

    Generalized DATA Dictionary Definition.


    EURO conversion program generator

    Automatic, table-controlled recognition of "amount"-fields by means of fieldname- and picture parsing.

    IBM CICS Screen-Switcher which recalculates on the fly the display-values of either local currency or EURO.


    EURO COBOL Program Analyser

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