The EURO Conversion-Program-Generator

A Product of the EURO*Transformer Toolset


The Migration of EDP-Systems to a EURO-conforming environment needs

  • The conversion of all money-amounts from the local currency into the Euro
  • The consistent and complete adaption of all data structures to the new, Euro-conforming environment
  • The consistent and complete adaption of all application modules to the new situation

A stepwise conversion of isolated datasets and applications is not practical  not only for the needed amount of work but mainly for reasons of data integrity. In most cases a so called BIG-BANG-Solution is being prepared which will transform all impacted datasets and applications within a predefined timeframe before the day of transition.

The Program-Generator EUROFILE provides an economic and efficient solution, as all needed conversion algorithms for files and databases will be generated on the basis of the structural definitions. A time-consuming export and re-import of modified databases can be skipped in most cases. An extensive set of standard reports are available to supervise the steps of the conversion processes and provide data for planning the Transition. As the needed timeframes and ressources are supervised for each conversion step the total needed ressources for the BIG-BANG can be estimated. Therefore a detailed schedule for the final schedule of the EURO-Conversion is possible.

The program generator is available in compressed/compiled REXX for IBM CMS, OS/390, and as Java Classes for Windows and Unix Systems.


The current datasets of an application - VSAM, DL/I or DB/2 files are described in a DATA Dictionary. Thereby the COBOL COPY-Books resp. DB2 Table Definitions will be used for record descriptions while annotating all occurring "amount-fields" with a simple method. The DATA Dictionary will contain additionally all record hierarchies (DL/I), key-fields and record-types if needed.

For each amount field the desired rounding-algorithm (commercial, down, up) can be defined. The rounding difference will be added up for each amount field and deposited in a statistics-file. Moreover each amount field can be modified by defining the Adjustmend resp. Extension of the PICTURE-attributes to 2 decimal places. If needed amount-fields can be stored in both currencies with a currency-type per field. In this case the database will be exported and re-loaded with the new format. The impacted COPY-Books will be transformed in parallel if needed.

For each conversion run statistic data with a run-time-analysis will be created. This statistical data will form the basis for all scheduling operations pointing at the BIG-BANG. Comprehensive reports will display which files and databases are impacted and how much time will be needed for the conversion steps.


  • The customer has no need to develop and program conversion modules as these will be generated by EUROFILE from the data structures
  • The conversion of all raw data will follow consistent rules as the definitions contained in the DATA Dicitonary describe all common file types (VSAM ESDS, VSAM KSDS, DL/I, DB2). This facts will guarantee total data integrity.
  • Modifications of rounding-rules, adaptions of fields (Field EXPANSIONS), adaption of PICTURES etc. can be completed on short notice as the only follow-up step is a re-generation of the conversion modules.
  • The conversion is extremely efficient as all impacted datasets will be converted directly when possible.
  • The created statistical reports provide exact scheduling data for planning the final conversion at the BIG-BANG.

System Environments

  • IBM Platforms CMS, OS/390 as compressed/compiled REXX or
  • Java virtual machine (JVM) for Windows 95 or higher
  • Java virtual machine (JVM) for Unix/Linux platforms
  • COBOL-Compiler


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